My story

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My name is Neli and I have been born and raised in Bulgaria. When I was 18 I came to The Netherlands looking for a better education and eventually a better life. After completing my Bachelor and Master studies I entered the business world, where I have had the chance to experience different work environments and team set-ups. Until now I have always worked in commercial organisations but my true passion is to search for a deeper meaning than the daily operations.

You are most probably wondering why you should listen to what I say or how my stories can add value to your life.

Well, I realize that I am an experienced and certified project manager and not a professional life coach or personal development trainer. However, life has put me through a lot of tests and situations that I have had to find a way to cope with. I have not been homeless yet, but I have been scared, lost, heartbroken, anorexic, not good enough, insecure, unappreciated, stressed out (burned out), depressed, fired, jobless and many more that I most probably can’t even remember right now.

In that sense there is almost no human emotion that I haven’t experienced first hand. It is not like I have figured it all out and I am not struggling anymore. Similar to you I still do. The only difference is that these experiences have forced me to develop coping mechanisms in order to be able to come back on my feet after each defeat. Each time even stronger and wiser than before.

What’s my WHY?

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I write because writing triggers me to reflect on what is happening with me and around me.  By having the personal target of publishing an article each month, I am more alert and conscious about my surroundings.

The reason I share my insights with you is because I know how lonely we can feel when we are lost and without a purpose and I want to be there for you when you are going through a tough time.

By sharing my personal experience and thoughts on basic and existential topics, I hope I can inspire you to try to better understand yourself, so that you can lead an even happier and more fulfilling life.

After all, we are all students in this great school called life, right?

If you are ready to hop on this life journey with me, feel free to contact me. I would be more than happy to be there for you!