The only impossible journey is the one you never begin

Quote by Anthony J. Robbins also known as Tony Robbins

It’s been exactly twelve months since my writing journey began.

June 2017 was a busy and very exciting period in my life. It was just two months before my wedding. I had also turned 30 earlier that year and it hit me that it was about time for me to start moving in the direction of my dreams.

I had been writing already for some time but it took me a while to make the first step and share my writing with the world.

Only those of you who have ever hit the publish button and have posted something very personal know exactly how terrifying it feels to be vulnerable and to expose your thoughts and ideas to possible criticism.

How will the people I know react to what I am saying?

Will they think that I have lost my mind?


Will I be accepted for who I really am?

To be very honest I was so anxious when I was about to publish my first article that my husband was the one who actually pressed the publish button for me. And I am glad he did.

Throughout the last twelve months I have written about topics ranging from fear, failure, kindness, being grateful, reaching out for help to finding your purpose and becoming the person you want to be.

I am not an expert on these topics but to be honest each article has taught me something: about the topic itself and certainly about myself.

You think it has always been easy?

Hell no!

There have been months when I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to write about.

Some articles have been a collection of messy thoughts and ideas before I have managed to structure them in a logical way.

When faced with any kind of a struggle I have considered quitting as I didn’t feel I was interesting or capable enough to continue…

And yet here I am celebrating my one year writing anniversary.

Not only have I kept on writing and publishing on a monthly basis but I am also currently considering launching my own website.

Last June there was no one who could possibly convince me that I needed to have my own website. Even though many people tried.

I was told that LinkedIn was not the most appropriate place for a blog. However, thinking about the structure, the design, the content, the hosting and everything else that needs to be in place before you launch a website was too big of a barrier to start writing in the first place.

I am sure that if I would have pursued the website idea I wouldn’t have published a single article until now.

Why would LinkedIn not be the right place?

What I write about is what I care about and if I don’t share it with my network then what I am doing it for?

That’s why I decided to ignore all the logical suggestions and advice from the people around me and to do what felt right to me at that moment:

Trust my own intuition
no matter how irrational it might seem to others.

I simply opened LinkedIn, copy-pasted the text of my very first article and pressed the publish button (well, as I already told you my husband did 😉 )

The reason I am sharing my story with you is not because I want to brag about my success.

It’s not that I have a huge list of followers or fans. My articles don’t go viral and, no, I don’t get any offers for paid writing assignments.

For the first time in my life, reaching the final destination is not my goal.

The journey itself is.

The whole processes is what gives me the most satisfaction: from the idea generation stage, through producing “the Ugly First Draft”, editing and playing with my own words, asking for feedback to the excitement of publishing. And most importantly, the feeling of relief that I will not leave this world with my words unspoken…

life is too short

Then comes the anticipation of the first reactions. For me it is enough even if only one of you ever benefits in some way from what I have shared.

For some articles I have reached out to people who have inspired me with their words or deeds. I have asked feedback from friends and family. I have connected with complete strangers and complete strangers have contacted me after reading my stories.

It’s been a hell of a journey and the best part of it is that I have no idea where this journey will take me to.



To me writing is a way of living in the present. To be alert and aware of every single day and month.

The experiences from the past year have been possible because I made the first step. And, of course, because I kept on following my path no matter what.



No matter where you are in your own journey.

No matter how far away the final destination might seem.

Just make the first step and stick to your path.

Be patient and trust your journey.

The rest will come…



*All images in this article have been obtained via Google images.

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