Three years of writing. The journey continues…

June is reserved for celebrating yet another writing anniversary.

This June it’s been three years since I published my very first article on LinkedIn (A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES BEGINS WITH A SINGLE STEP).

A great opportunity to look back, reflect and share with you my experience from the past three years – my challenges, fears, goals, lessons learned and the reason why I do what I do.


Three years ago I was so inspired by all the personal development books I had read by that time that I felt the need to share my learnings with the rest of the world. I was so fascinated with the impact they had on my life and how they had helped me better understand myself and what is important to me.

What started as a dream to write a book ended up in something much more tangible and doable for a person like me who had no experience in writing: publishing an article on the last Thursday of each month on a topic that had captured my attention during the past month. 

The topics that had occupied my mind in 2017 were ranging from fear, failure, kindness, being grateful, reaching out for help to finding your purpose and becoming the person you want to be.

My greatest challenge during my first year of publishing was to overcome the fear of openly sharing my personal life and experience and to get used to feeling vulnerable each time I did it.

What kept me going when I was hesitating were the following inspirational quotes:


I chose LinkedIn as a platform where I started publishing my first articles for two reasons: 

  • it was very easy to start: you click on “Write an article” then write/copy-paste your text and hit the publish button;
  • writing in itself was challenging enough to put additional pressure on myself to think of any other type of publishing platform.

However, after one year of publishing, I was ready for the next step: building and launching my own website.

As I had expected that process was not a piece of cake for someone like me who had no experience with website development and didn’t want to invest any money in the process.

I had quite some questions and dilemmas:

  • whether I should go for or
  • how to arrange the hosting?
  • which template to choose?
  • how to find time to work on the content on the top of my full time job and my monthly publishing goal?

The topics of my articles at that time were as diverse as:

In the second half of 2018 I found out that I was pregnant and writing naturally became my way of expressing and capturing my feelings and experiences during my pregnancy. 

I am very glad I have done it as I am sure I have already forgotten most of the challenges I went through during my pregnancy.


The past twelve months have probably been the most challenging ones in my grown up life. 

I became a mother, I changed my job and the cherry on top was to be locked down at home and to be faced with the challenge to fulfill both of these roles simultaneously.  

And despite all, I still kept on writing and I am proud to be “standing right here” celebrating my third writing anniversary. 

During the past year I have shared my thoughts and personal experience on the following topics:


Life challenges: 

Staying true to yourself: 


Since the beginning of my writing journey every June I look back and reflect. I remind myself why it is important for me to keep moving in the direction of my dreams. 

Besides reflecting, I also look ahead and set new challenging goals, so I make sure I keep on learning and making progress.

The new challenge I have set up for myself for the upcoming twelve months is to explore the possibility of making my website bi-lingual so that my Bulgarian readers can also enjoy the topics I am writing about. Each time I publish in English there is part of me that feels like I am missing something.

Additionally, I would love to grow the community and be able to reach even more people who would enjoy and/or benefit from my stories.

If anyone has any tips and tricks in these two areas, your help is highly appreciated!

What’s in it for you?   

I believe that one of the main reasons why dreams do not come true is because we give up on them.

Anything that your mind can come up with can be achieved if you keep on making (small) and consistent steps that help you move in the direction of your dream.

Please pause and think about this for a moment.

Close your eyes and listen to your inner voice. 

Whatever idea, goal, dream that is running through your head right now, do you honestly believe that you are not able to achieve it if you make it your life purpose and you wake up every day, and take the steps that are needed to get where you want to be? 

I decided for myself that I will live my life in a way that I will feel proud of it not only in the end of my life but every single day.

While celebrating my writing anniversary I take the opportunity to encourage you to follow your own dream path and to reflect on your progress so far.

In 2018 my writing anniversary article was focused on the fact that no matter your situation and the limiting thoughts that are running through your mind, THE ONLY IMPOSSIBLE JOURNEY IS THE ONE YOU NEVER BEGIN.

Once you are on your dream path, it may not always lead you to quick and sweet success. As part of my second writing anniversary in June 2019 I encouraged you to BE PATIENT AND TRUST YOUR JOURNEY

June accidentally offers us an opportunity for a mid-year reflection. Before another year passes by, in the next six months we still have the chance to change our daily routines in a way that fits better with our goals and dreams.

Especially under the current circumstances where while in “survival” mode it’s even easier to move away from or even give up on your dreams or personal aspirations.

Even though the economical and covid19 pandemic projections for the rest of the year might not be the most optimistic ones, I challenge you to stay positive and keep your hope in the future by simply taking (small) consistent steps in the direction of your dreams. Every day. Every week. Every month. For as long as you get what you desire. And beyond.

If you do this, even the current circumstances may surprise you by unfolding unexpected possibilities.

Article Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Unsplash

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