Every end is a new beginning

The last Thursday of March marks the end of the month and the first dark wintry quarter of the year and at the same time the beginning of the spring and the awakening of nature.

For me personally, the end of March marks the end of a big chapter of my life and the beginning of my journey as a mother.

It’s been my last week at work before my pregnancy leave: finalizing and handing over projects, saying a temporary goodbye to a world that I know well and where I feel comfortable.

Very soon I will have a new challenge. A whole new world will unfold itself and I have no idea where the new experiences will take me to.

And this is the beauty of life.

Every end, no matter how painful, unexpected or unwanted, is a new beginning. The old known needs to “die” in order to free up space for something new to be born.

Whether we like it or not is not up to us to decide. It’s just how the world works.

What we can do is appreciate and to be grateful for everything that has been and all the lessons the past has taught us.

When I look back I cannot be more proud of where I am coming from.

  • It was priceless to be a carefree child and have my parents take care of me.
  • It was fun to be a teenanger and to have endless energy to explore the various facets my surroundings.
  • It was enriching to be a student and to learn how to make sense of the world around me.
  • It was quite a journey to develop and grow as a professional at work.
  • It was a pleasure to travel and discover exotic places and to get to know authentic cultures.
  • It was challenging to learn how to love and to appreciate my husband for whom he really is.

All in all, it was so great to do what I felt like, when I felt like it and to take care mostly of myself without having greater responsibilities than earning enough to pay the bills and spoil myself

And after 32 years of benefiting from all these precious moments it’s about time to start giving back.

  • To create the conditions for a new human being to be born and to experience the gifts of life that I have had the chance to experience.
  • To sacrifice my own privileges and to put myself on a secondary place – most probably until the rest of my life or at least for a while.
  • To learn how to take care of and to guide an infant into finding her own place in this world.
  • To find a new balance in my roles as a woman, wife, mother, work professional, writer and all other hobbies and facets of my personality that I am still discovering.

Although the unknown is exciting and sometimes even scary, I know there is nothing to be afraid of. When life throws a new challenge at us, the best way we can deal with it is to stay positive and open minded for what message and lesson is hidden in it.

How about you?

Which chapter of your life are you currently closing?

What new opportunities lie ahead of you?

What are you holding on to?

Are you ready to move on?

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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