Entertaining versus meaningful – a familiar dilemma?

I bet you most probably prefer to scroll down and check out some more posts, pictures or videos right now.

To browse pointlessly through content online in order to be entertained and even for a moment to forget about your tough day, and basically all your current problems and responsibilities.

Me too, so that makes the two of us!

And quite frankly, who doesn’t?!

Nowadays we are bombarded by an extreme amount of content, online and offline.

We often choose to pay attention to something that’s funny and entertaining as a way to cease our minds and to just let go. Even for a single moment.

But instead of looking at pictures similar to the ones below…

… please give me just a few minutes of your valuable time. I promise I will keep it brief and you hopefully won’t regret it.


What’s the problem with funny content?

Please don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that having fun is bad.

I can totally relate to the desperate need to unwind on a regular basis and recharge your batteries. To take a step back from the overwhelming world we live in.

And that’s perfectly fine. No-brainer activities require less time and energy than learning a new skill or working on your self-improvement. That’s why they make us feel good immediately.

What’s troubling is when we start choosing funny and entertaining again and again over meaningful content.

I wonder:

Is our behavior triggered by a conscious choice or do we do it simply out of a habit?

Do we dive into the world of Instagram, Youtube or Netflix, and the likes, with the clear intention to be entertained?

Or do we do it because that’s the most easily available content?

Please hold on for a moment and feel free to reflect:

What are your answers to the above questions?

Why is it important to have a purpose in life?

Now more than ever it is crucial to have a purpose and to know what is important to us. Because if we don’t, we can easily get into the trap of browsing through everything that is just one click away and, thereby, miss the opportunity to learn something new that will help us become better tomorrow.

When I come home from work the only thing I often feel like doing is laying on the couch and watching pointlessly into the emptiness. I need some time to switch off my brain and not pay attention to anything in particular.

Somehow I either end up on Facebook, Youtube or Netflix.

A few hours after dinner I go to the gym. I come back home and after some more minutes or hours on Facebook, Youtube or Netflix, I fall asleep and the day is over.

And I can totally repeat this exercise day after day after day…

Does this routine sound familiar to you, too?

It might be a bit different for you, but I bet it will still be some kind of a routine…

My excuse to do this is that I do it deliberately. (Although you might argue whether this is a valid excuse…).

I know that next to my full-time job as a Project Manager, I am spending enough time on what matters in my life. I have a purpose. I have a direction, a spot on the horizon.

When I am not at work I would be reading an inspiring book, writing my next article, working on my public speaking skills, providing career advice to a student who is trying to land his/her first job in the Netherlands, working out at the gym or spending some valuable time with my family and friends.

When you spend enough time on what matters in your life, there is nothing wrong with reaching for entertainment when you feel like it.

How to make a conscious choice?

Time is our most valuable asset. Unfortunately, we can neither buy more of nor can we turn it back.


So, think twice before you spend it unwisely.

Ask yourself the following questions when you end up scrolling down on social media, looking for something entertaining:

Am I going to spend the next couple of minutes of my life on something that:

●      interests ME?

●     I am passionate about?

●     I want to improve?

     I want to achieve?

●     is in line with MY life’s purpose?

The answer could very well be: NO!

And there is nothing wrong with that.

It’s normal that we will not always feel like spending time on the meaningful stuff in our lives.

Let’s just not forget to make time for what really matters and come back to it when we are less fatigued. That’s the only point I am trying to make.

So, next time when you are hesitating between going for something entertaining or something meaningful, make a conscious choice.

Whichever direction you will go, the decision will be yours.

And that’s what really matters.


How about you?

Do you recognize yourself in this story?

What’s your way of dealing with this dilemma?

Please feel free to share your experience, tips, and tricks in the comments section below, so we can also learn from you.

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